Friday, March 6, 2009

not so healthy but pretty tasty dinner made with stuff we already had in the house!

jake REALLY likes to have things like quesadillas and nachos for dinner. so i indulged him and made some steak nachos for us, which were inspired by the steak nachos at our favorite restaurant, jalapenos

i made some very easy cheese sauce, similar to what i would make for welch rarebit or mac & cheese. (roux + your favorite shredded cheese) and then we spread it over chips and topped with crushed red pepper, some diced tomatoes (with the wet part taken out), and some sliced up little omaha steaks that my grandmother had given us. (jake said that he feels that having "good meat" was important, as he did not want to "bite down on gristle or fat"). i had planned to put some cilantro on top too, but it was not looking so good when i got it out of the fridge! next time i will probably make some pico de gallo rather than just use tomatoes, but it still came out tasty.


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  2. oh man, I wish I had some steak nachos right now. Let's make nachos sometime!!!

  3. I just looked at a close-up picture of the nachos and all I can say is: Wow. And: They look mouth-wateringly nacho-tastic.