Monday, May 11, 2009

The new Wonderbread

Like a lot of families, our household has primarily switched to whole grain bread made without High Fructose Corn Syrup. Living in Austin makes it hard not to splurge on french bread from Central Market or the Whole Foods World Headquarters, but for the most part we have lately stuck to something non-white; gone are the days of Wonderbread topped with butter and Smuckers Jam.  If sometimes you still long for those tasty sandwich bread days, please, follow me now as I enter the new world of classic bread indulgence for healthy-minded people:

Whole Foods Mighty Multigrain Organic Small Batch Bread!

It's not going to save the world, but it may make you don a cape and run around your livingroom dripping peanut butter on the good rug.

This bread is NOT whole wheat. On the whole wheat scale it's is probably only one step above ordering a wheat hoagie at subway (does anyone still go to subway?), but it has some little wheaty grains inside and therefore makes you feel pretty ok. 

This bread IS organic. No chemicals = always better!

This bread is TASTY OUT THE YIN YANG.  Seriously, so so so delicious. Perfect untoasted, perfect toasted, perfect grilled cheese in the cast-iron skillet - DELICIOUS classic bread taste.

Go buy some now and splurge a little. You MAY want to get two bags the first time... even non-bread-eating households tend to make this sucker disappear in a matter of oh, 1.5 days, and you wouldn't want to leave anyone feeling shafted.

I would also like to include a shout out to Best Maid Kosher Spears Pickles for the most awesome packaging. The little Mary Blair inspired illustration is adorable and gets a special award from the OCD visual design side of my brain - the lid is configured so you can twist it back on exactly so the little maid on the lid matches up vertically with the little maid on the front label.  Best Maid is apparently a Texas brand that is now made in INDIA?! and Ryan, our resident pickle expert (I'm really only along for the packaging) gives the taste and crunch a 5 out of 5 for basic sandwich pickle. his only complaint is the unreliable pickle cut, industry sized pickle knives must be different on that side of the world. 

So there you go, delicious grilled cheese and Indian pickle. yum.