Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mascarpone, Yo

My fondest memory of mascarpone is going to an only-in-New-York restaurant called Rice to Riches that served nothing but rice pudding, in a plethora of inspired flavors. That was the first time I ever tasted mascarpone, and it has held an exotic allure ever since.

I've been on a major Barefoot Contessa bender lately, watching her shows every day and trying out her recipes whenever possible. I was seduced by her Spring Green Risotto, especially because it called for mascarpone!

But that's not why I'm writing this awesome blog post, folks. (Although for the record, the risotto was lovely, and I coated the leftovers in bread crumbs and fried up some nifty little risotto cakes.)

The reason I'm writing this awesome blog post is because I had to find something to do with my leftover mascarpone! Thanks to the search box on Food Network's site I found Rachael Ray's recipe for Fried Polenta Discs with Mascarpone Cheese. BINGO! I love polenta and have never made it for my hubs.

This dish consists mainly of sliced polenta "discs" fried in olive oil and butter, with a mascarpone/half & half/caper/lemon zest mixture on top, with parsley, olives, and roasted red peppers on top of that. Hubs can't stand olives, so I just did without them. I must say, we really enjoyed this dish, and it was super easy and straightforward, as "Rach's" recipes tend to be. We also appreciated that this dish contains all the colors of the Italian flag, so it's real purty.

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  1. oooh, that sounds good. i am more picky than your husband though, my version will have no capers, olives or peppers! yum! polenta with lemony cheese and parsley! :)